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Some of the most important duties of the Carinthian Association of Municipalities are:

  • looking after the interests of its members
  • advising and representing the member municipalities on matters of administrative and economic duties
  • cooperating with the Austrian Association of Municipalities
  • the information and further education of the municipal mandataries and the civil servants

The execution of the duties of the Carinthian Association of Municipalities is implemented  in particular by:

  1. reporting on proposals appertaining to federal and provincial laws and  decrees which affect municipal administration and economic interests;
  2. drafting and submission of requests, reports and applications to the responsible provincial  authorities; also as an authorized representative of individual municipalities;
  3. advising and representing members in matters of law, tax and economic affairs, and assisting in drafting the municipal accounts;
  4. representing municipalities in commissions, advisory councils and the like;
  5. organizing conferences and other pertinent events;
  6. providing training courses dealing with all pertinent municipal matters;
  7. issuing informative printed matter on all affairs appertaining to the purpose of the association, and cooperating in producing publications purporting the same and similar objectives; 
  8. ongoing contact with municipal associations of the same nature in the other  federal provinces; 
  9. making regular progress reports to the Austrian Association of Municipalities

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